Player identification

Player Identification

This section of the spotting board, using college hockey as an example, is quite possibly the most basic yet most important area of information. Here you will notice several bits of information: the player's uniform number is located on the far left side of the box. Listed from top to bottom in each individual player box are basic biographical info, the player's name (with phonetic written pronunciations if necessary), his position and year, hometown and height and weight. I then like to list the player's stats entering the game. In the above example, I have left enough room to update the stats for the second game of a back-to back series.  Also you can include where the player went to high school and/or the last team played for, which I have done here. Then I like to include the player's career statistics against his opponent. In the above example, Andrew Linard has no career games against Merrimack College.  Brian Swiniarski (# 23) has thirty career goals and seventeen assists for forty-seven points. 

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