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A whole book could be written on the subject of preparation. I think it is the most crucial part of a successful broadcast. Detailed systematic preparation involves the acquisition of basic knowledge, extending to examination of trends, statistics, and the "informal" knowledge- that knowledge that is acquired through talking to people- players, coaches, and other broadcasters. To accomplish this, there are various methods to prepare for a broadcast, including but not limited to spotting boards, which many broadcasters use, to the more modern approach of using broadcasters prep software. You will notice a typical spotting board that I have used in the past for examination on the site, feel free to explore sections of the board by clicking on the appropriate tab. I use Broadcasters Edge Software, which is a custom made electronic integrated variation of the board. And a large portion of what we do is the acquisition of "nuggets", those golden bits of information you can only acquire by talking to relevant players and coaches associated with your broadcast. You will also find a copy of the STAA pyramid, a device created by the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America (STAA) which covers the important elements to discuss during the course of your broadcast.