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I am proud to have launched my first podcast in 2020. Initially called " Airing It Out, Files From Leahy's Locker Room.", and now called "Airing It Out, Files From Leahy's Broadcast Booth", podcasting is a topic I have always been fascinated by. Being a close cousin of broadcasting, it is something I am very enthusiastic about. And being able to sharpen my interviewing skills is a nice side benefit! I am teaching myself all about the medium- with some help from additional resources to be sure but it's been a fun ride and I look forward to continuing the exploration on a week to week basis. I record my interviews on Tuesdays, do the editing and post production work afterwards, then publish the episodes on Wednesdays. The topics are primarily based on sports and broadcasting but I have had a few episodes on music as well and am always willing to be flexible when it comes to topics. Available on most major podcasting platforms, including the major ones such as Apple and Spotify.


Past guests have included (partial list):

- Harry Lorayne, the world's foremost expert on memory

- Chuck Kaiton, former voice of the NHL's Hartford Whalers and Carolina Hurricanes

- Dan Rusanowsky, voice of the NHL's San Jose Sharks

- Bob Socci, radio voice of the New England Patriots

- Paul Stewart, former NHL referee and NHL player with the Quebec Nordiques

- Bernie Corbett, radio voice of Boston University men's hockey

- Mike Logan, voice of Providence College Men's hockey

- Rob Rudnick, radio voice of Northeastern men's hockey

- Bob Ellis, voice of UMass Lowell Men's hockey

- Ken Cail,  2x New Hampshire Sportscaster Of The Year, New Hampshire Radio Hall of Fame, Manchester Monarchs radio voice

- Mike Murphy, 8x award winner, New Hampshire Sportscaster Of the Year, UNH men's hockey radio voice

- Mike Machnik, radio analyst, Merrimack Men's Hockey, College Hockey News

- Mike McMahon, College Hockey News, The Mack Report

- Mike Logan, radio voice of Providence men's hockey

- Sonny Watrous, NESN TV analyst, Providence College hockey

- Natalie Noury, UNH and NESN hockey analyst

- Tim Calderwood, radio voice, Schaumburg Boomers baseball

- Jesse Goldberg-Strassler, radio voice, Lansing Lugnuts baseball, Author, The Baseball and Football Thesaurus


Here is the link to my podcast's website. Feel free to check it out and leave me a message directly within the app. I want the podcast to be interactive!