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Upcoming Events/ What's New

At times I do other events in addition to pro baseball and hockey. Those events will be listed here, with complete broadcast information. Please check back for these listings as they occur, as well as upcoming current events. I will also use this space to indicate new projects.


CAMEO:  I am so excited to announce that I am now on Cameo! If you would like a special video shoutout, completely customized, for ANY occasion, please feel free to book me. I can even add a musical touch for you, which is my specialty. ALSO- play by play- I can make you the star of the game- hitting a game winning home run, pitching the final out of a no-hitter or championship game, scoring a game winning goal in overtime, a game winning touchdown, a game winning hoop, you name it.  To learn more, please feel free to check it out here.


NOW PLAYING- My podcast, Airing It Out, Files From Leahy's Broadcast Booth. It explores my life in broadcasting, and so much more.. Including special guests, important topics related to broadcasting, fun themes, and much more. The podcast can be explored at https://anchor.fm/john-leahy. Check out my podcasting page to learn more.


MEDIA CONVERSIONS;  If you have old media that you need to convert to newer formats, I can help. VHS tapes to DVD, and LP, audio cassettes to CD, and mini-disc to MP3, which can then be imported for listening on portable music players. $20 per video, $15 for audio. For more information, please visit my blog and all updates will be posted there, or alternatively E-mail me for more details.


OPEN MIC/MUSIC SCHEDULE-My next live performance will be on Wednesday evening, September 22, at Area 23 in Concord, N.H.  For more on my music, please feel free to visit my music page.